Who We Are

ViaSpero is a rock band based out of Nashville, TN. The band formed in 2018 out of a common vision to share hope through powerful rock music. ViaSpero consists of Zhaklina Poulos (lead vocals), and brothers Zach Allen (lead guitar) and Christian Taylor (drums). The band is currently writing new music and is excited to share it with you soon.

Band Members


Zhaklina Paulos

Lead Singer

Led by faith and inspired to make a difference, Zhaklina is a singer/songwriter using her gifts to serve and impact people through her music and involvement in society. Through her dynamic music, her ever-growing support for socially responsible organizations and charities, and motivational blogs, Zhaklina is a strong advocate of hope. Sharing her gifts and heart to express to others that they are not alone, she reminds the world that we are all connected and that together, we can overcome fear. ``When you lose your hope, you lose your humanity.`` Never lose hope. Read more about Zhaklina at zhaklina.com.


Christian Taylor


Christian Taylor is a tech journalist, YouTuber, drummer, and freelance designer from Nashville, TN. Christian has been playing drums since he was four years old. In the past, Christian has played in various bands with his brother, Zach Allen. Christian is passionate about sharing ViaSpero's message of hope with the world and making a positive impact. Christian also has a passion for tech, releasing content on his YouTube channel regularly. Read more about Christian at christiantaylor.co.


Zach Allen

Lead Guitar

Zach Allen is a guitarist, singer, and songwriter from Nashville, TN. He has played guitar since he was six years old. Originally from California, Zach moved to Nashville with his parents and brother to pursue music in 2007. He is passionate about sharing hope through powerful music and is excited to do that through ViaSpero. Read more about Zach at zachallenmusic.com.